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 We are a group of professionals specializing in cross-border matters.
 Each of us has practiced at leading international law firms for more than a decade handling complex, cross-border matters. Born in Japan and educated in the U.S., we have a deep understanding and appreciation of the legal and cultural landscapes of Japan and the U.S. We founded our firm on the belief that by combining our skills and experiences, we will be able to do our part in further strengthening Japan’s relationships with the world.
 Our core strength is in litigation and dispute resolution. Each of us has handled a broad array of complex multi-jurisdictional dispute matters. Our mission is to bring our strategic insights to bear in resolving cross-border matters that require deep expertise and understanding of the legal systems involved.
 We also handle a wide range of intellectual property matters. We work closely with Isshiki & Co., an IP firm with about 40 patent attorneys and technical staff. In close working collaborations among Japanese and U.S. specialists, we assist clients in such matters as patent prosecution, IP due diligence and IP license negotiation.
 We look forward to working with you. If we can be of your assistance, please contact us.

Isshiki & Partners
Co-Founders & Managing Partners
Taro Isshiki / Kazuo Isshiki

Firm Profile

Firm Name
Isshiki & Partners
Taro Isshiki
Kazuo Isshiki
1976 Kensuke Isshiki founded Isshiki International Patent Office.
2003 Isshiki & Co. was founded as a patent business corporation, succeeding Isshiki International Patent Office.
2011 Taro Isshiki founded Isshiki International Law Office.
2017 Taro Isshiki became an advisor to Isshiki & Co.
2021 Taro Isshiki and Kazuo Isshiki founded Isshiki & Partners.


Isshiki & Partners
Mita-Nitto-Daibiru Bldg 7F,
3-11-36 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0073
TEL : 03-4500-9102

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- 3 minute walk from Exit A4 of Sengakuji Station (Toei Subway Asakusa Line)
- 10 minute walk from Mita Station (Toei Subway Asakusa Line / Mita Line)
- 12 minute walk from Tamachi Station (JR Line)
- 11 minute walk from Takanawa Gateway Station (JR Line)